Carlos Miguel was born in Turin, Italy in 1889. Since very early in his life, he felt a calling for the handling of iron. Artistic Blacksmith had him as one of its protagonists. A man of action, he searched for new horizons for his ideas. That was how in 1900 he crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
Already as an immigrant, he established in Bell Ville where he grasped the dimension of the opportunity that the agricultural activity offered.
He saw in agriculture the need of raising the level of technical knowledge and humanizing work.
With the courage, tenacity and conviction of an entrepreneur, he established “Carlos Mainero y Cía”.
It was 1933. He gathered forces inviting to his project his nephews Francisco Lambertini and Carlos Bernardi and from that moment on, the three of them became the pillars of this story that turned over time into what we call “The Eternal Entrepreneurs Flame”.


The sons of the sons of the founders are today an active part in the life of the company.
With pride, capability, knowledge and commitment towards work, they continue the line of their ancestors to be today’s leaders in the Argentine market.


In the year 1944, the world’s first sunflower header belonging to Mainero came to life from the workshops. In this way Mainero made its contribution to the world’s achievement of adopting this type of technology in all sunflower producing countries.
In 1952 the corn header with independent gathering chains came to existence. This innovation from Mainero changed the whole harvesting result, allowing to work regardless of the crop condition, whether humid or by recovery of downed plants. It further enhanced the harvester’s advance speed and allowed working during more hours a day and more hectares per hour.
Since 1952 until today, such system continues to be adopted by all manufacturers, ensuring the performance that today’s large combines require.


Since the first 850 sq ft workshop from the 30’s, Mainero has had a constant growth in terms of surface, headcount and machinery, up to the current 375,000 sq ft under roof factory that works 24/7 , manufacturing the most reliable, advanced and efficient agricultural machinery.
Lasers, welding robots, a modern painting facility, CNC machining centers, assembly lines capable of mounting different products and the most valuable resource, its people, makes of Mainero a leader company in the industry.


Mainero counts on a constant strategy to export its products to every country with the need of modern and reliable agricultural machinery.
Farmers from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Equator, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, United States of America, South Africa, Australia and several European countries are aware of the quality of Mainero products which meet their needs with efficiency, low maintenance costs and a high resale value.

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Our Vision
Create powerful machines that humanize rural work …
Our Mission
Provide man with noble products and ensure field performance in life …
Our Philosophy
Things well, always …

Mainero Museum

Mainero workshop to the world, a story of the Argentine countryside.
Carlos Miguel Mainero developed in the heat of the forge and anvil effort values would never leave.
The quality and love for work well done. The order and perfection.

Mainero and Its People

Since its philosophy, holding Mainero a clear concept: respect, care and preservation of the elderly; training opportunities and permanent training of young people; and assistance to their families.

Coinciding with that spirit Company personnel,
Mutual I think more than 40 years, for the provision of Health Services, Housing, Pharmacy and Proveeduría.
Personal Factory Mutual to Mainero been distinguished internationally for its achievements in CSR.
Today maintains its fullness, force and prominence in attendance and containing all active and retired from the company, and from its inception, is conducted by the staff of the same staff.