New Mainero MDD-100 corn header, for multiple spacing and direction

There are many kinds of corn heads but they all require the head to match up with the row spacing planted and the operator must travel in the same direction it was planted.
The Mainero MDD-100 Row Independent corn head can harvest any and every row-spacing and in any direction without adjustments or modifications in a wide range of crop conditions.

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Round baler 5886

Round Baler Mainero 5886: Greater reliability, performance and productivity

New collector spread wide with rotary feeder.

The extended collector offers 2,140 mm wide collection among guards (1,914 mm between outer tines) and is equipped with barbed diameter of 6 mm over its entire width (before only these spikes were placed only on both ends thereof) and

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Baler 5720

MAINERO 5720 prismatic baler makes bales of all kinds of material, either pastures or stubble from different crops, specially in the collection of alfalfa, it does so without loosing leaves, which are a determining component on this forage nutritious qualities.

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Round baler 5820

You already know the attributes of Mainero round balers.

The 5820 model, requires a 60CV power tractor at least, with a PTO of 540 rpm. With this piece of equipment benefits such as compaction capacity, performance, reliability and mechanical simplicity are improved.
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