With the 2330 grain pump model, you can work either in bags or cells and with a remarkable extraction performance. You can select within different qualities, as you can adjust hydraulically the extraction height.

Some technical features of the 2330:

Mechanic extraction system: Extraction is done through a mechanical system constituted by three augers, one principal at the center, and two lateral sweeping augers. We choose a mechanical system because it reaches high performance work -100 a 120 tn/h- using low power tractors (minimum 70 hp DIN), thereby, amortization, labor and fuel costs are significantly reduced.

Customizable to different bags sizes. To adapt to 5 to 10 ft diameter bags (1.52 a 3.04 m) the extraction width should be adjusted by the opening or closing of the lateral augers, even on the go. This adjustment is made through two manual commands.

Floating extraction set for an efficient sweeping. The extraction set works flat on the floor through a set of three floating brushes mounted on each lateral sweeper. At the same time, is linked to the chassis by a registrable spring system that absorbs ground unevenness and avoids the load of caked or crusted material without the need of adjustments on the go, enabling also, to proceed without damaging the bottom of the bag. All this characteristics determine that you can start and finish the bag sweeping, ending your tasks rapidly, without effort , and practically without the need of shoveling.

To set the extractor in transport position, all you need is fold the unloading auger, lift the extractor set (both from the tractors hydraulic distributor) and place a safety lock. The transport maximum width is 1.84 m (6.04 ft)

Safety certificate

In order to increase the operational safety, and decrease accident risks and pollution, and also to simplify preservation and transportation of the unit, this equipment has all the elements necessary to conform to safety standard in agricultural machinery IRAM 8076-0. Each unit delivered has a sticker certifying that the product meets the standard.

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