The Mainero Self Unloading Grain Carts, of 1 and 2 axis, offer an innovative design, robustness and excellent download speed. The Mainero self-discharge hoppers are designed to meet the needs of producers, regarding capacity working speed and also adapted to the requirements of different markets.

Some technical features of the hoppers are:

  • Capacities of 19,000 and 27,000 liters. (4179.4 and 5939,16 gal)
  • Diameter of the vertical auger tube: 400 mm (15.748 in)
  • Diameter of the horizontal auger tube: 325 mm (12.795 in)
  • Discharge speed: 7.5 m³ per minute (264.855 ft per minute)
  • Chasis monoblock, greatly increases the robustness of the unit.
  • Innovative modular bottom to download and easy to clean.
  • Robusts frontal and rear axles
  • Cemented augers
  • Roll tarp covering system
  • Indicator of cereal entry gates opening at ground augers.
  • Non skid stairs, internal and external of the hopper.
  • Broad front viewers, for the observation of the cereal level inside the trailer.
  • Discharge pipe articulation with self locking arm.
  • The hydraulic circuit is composed by two cylinders. One for elevating and folding the discharge pipe and the other for the opening and closing of the horizontal auger valve, that through a blade system, allows the proper functioning of the total load.
  • Ready to place an electronic scale. Optional.
  • Ant-slip rear folding ladder.
  • Folding rear bumper and taillights.
  • Electrostatic paint.
  • 23.1 x 30 standard tires.
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